12 September 2017

News from Germany

The BIB mentioned yesterday that the Henry Girls of Donegal will be touring in Germany next month - their second time this year. This is thanks to Rainer Zellner and his Music Contact agency in Tübingen, who has arranged fourteen dates for them from 5 to 22 October inclusive.

Rainer has also begun booking a May 2018 tour for the all-woman five-piece UK bluegrass band Midnight Skyracer, with Tabitha Agnew of Cup O' Joe on banjo.

In the interim, the ninth edition of Rainer's 'bluegrass festival in a bus', the Bluegrass Jamboree!, with three fine bands from North America, will be bringing the music to more audiences than ever before, with twenty-three shows in Germany and one in Austria between 21 November and 16 December. Full details (in German) are on the Jamboree website.

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